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Friday, October 03, 2014


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I love your blog posts!!


Great list of stuff to bring! I always bring a whistle (btw, 3 short whistles, one right after the other, is the audio version of SOS). I will also sometimes bring a large trash bag. Poke a hole in the closed end for your head and you will conserve a lot of body heat on a cold night. Also, if I have room I bring an old towel that I can fold up and sit comfortably on the dampest surface. This is more in the luxury category, but I have found it very nice to have.


Also, I could really have used duct tape on the last hike I took when my soles started coming off my hiking boots! Time for a resole!


Great ideas! I've heard of hikers wrapping several loops of duct tape around their water bottles and then they always have it with them if they need it.


Wow, the duct tape around the water bottles is such a great idea

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